Mr. Manny Singh

Mr. Manny Singh

Partner, Singh Law, P.A., Florida

Mr. Manny Singh is a Senior Partner at the Law Offices of Manny Singh. He has held seminars for the popular Bankruptcy Court Secrets program and for Cannabiz Gurus. His other ventures involve real estate and high-level financing. Manny has been a practicing federal attorney in South Florida since 1985. He has also been in the niche financing space for the last twenty years. This includes using real estate assets to get out of bankruptcy, bankruptcy buyouts to hard money lending to cannabis financing, to taking cannabis companies public. To date, Manny has facilitated several companies in the United States going public, including one of the first cannabis real estate companies. Manny has spoken at the Longest Running Wealth Protection Event in the nation and at various Cannabis conferences including Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in 2014. Manny has also been teaching students on a one to one basis his course entitled "Bankruptcy Court Secrets". This course was designed by Mr. Singh to educate others on how to purchase real estate from bankruptcy courts. Recently, his company First Bankers Capital has come out with a new financial program that lends money against an illiquid asset- public stocks.


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