Mr. Marcos Czacki

Mr. Marcos Czacki

Global Legal Director, Navistar, Mexico

Mr. Marcos Czacki is an attorney at law. He is Global Legal Director and Compliance Officer at Navistar. He also served as General Counsel, Chief Operations Officer and Compliance Manager at Daimler Financial Services México and also as Legal Counsel at Volvo Financial Services México. Mr. Czacki possess a Master Degree in Law, Honorific AML Certification by the National Bank Commission and Posgraduate Professor in AML and Anticorruption at Universidad Panamericana and INACIPE (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales). He current serves as a Head of the Finance and Banking Commission at the Mexican Bar and in the past as coordinator of the Compliance Committee at ANADE (Association of Corporate Counsels Association) 2013-2019 and compliance mentor for startups and small companies (MCCI). Mr. Czacki is a Board member at International Chamber of Commerce, Chapter Mexico / ICC Mexico and Board member at Centro Mexicano Probono and has been a speaker and/or seminar teacher at Mexican Bar, ANADE, ICC Mexico, ACAMS, ACFCS, ASPLDE and Thomson Reuters to name a few.


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