01 Dec 2021



Understanding what the Pandora Papers exposed and what it means to AML/CFT Compliance Programs? Let’s talk High Risk Customers, DFNBPs, Enhanced Due Diligence, Transparency and how Ultimate Beneficial Ownership just became a U.S. problem


The Pandora Papers, also known as, the “biggest trove of leaked offshore data in history” has exposed over 11.9 million confidential files. These files held nformation
about secret wealth and deals between the rich and powerful. They were leaked by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICI), The benefit of this leak is that it showed examples of corrupt leaders and other criminals who rely on providers of anonymously held trusts and shell companies to help them move billions  of dollars around the globe anonymously.

The millions of leaked documents exposed the details of over 330 politicians across 91 countries, 35 former and current world leaders, and countless fugitives, criminals, and other con artists. Further investigations into these leaked documents caused many countries to review their laws and change them when necessary
to avoid money laundering and other financial crimes. With these records, lawmakers can identify who are behind these transactions and could ultimately end
the offshore system. The need to understand beneficial ownership is one of the crucial impacts that the Pandora Papers will have on AML/CFT/CFP compliance.

This live webinar will cover:

  • What’s happening in response to the problem of concealed beneficial ownership?
  • The legal and practical issues concerning transparency and beneficial ownership
  • How to determine if the Pandora Papers will have an effect a regulated entity AML/CFT Compliance Program
  • Why it does not matter if a company lacks knowledge and what practical steps can companies take to reduce the chances of being held liable
  • What companies need to consider to avoid liability
  • How Ultimate Beneficial Ownership just became a U.S. problem that may spill onto all jurisdiction that hide the UBO


1 CPE will be awarded for this webinar.


Ms. Michelle Martin,

CAMLFC, CAMS, MACC, ACA, Chairman & CEO, ComplianceAid & AMLFC Institute


Mr. Martin Kenney, Managing Partner, Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors, British Virgin Islands

Mr. Manny Singh, Partner, Singh Law, P.A., Florid