Countering Human Trafficking Certification

Next course starts May 10th 2023

The global impact of trafficking is felt across the world and is often looked upon as an offence which cannot be countered or targeted by law enforcement and the regulated sectors. This certification course will lead candidates through the world of trafficking provide guidance and an insight into the practicalities of the offences, their patterns and understanding.

This professional certification 15 modules will cover all the key elements of the world of Human Trafficking, Migrant Smuggling and Organ Harvesting. Candidates will work through modules focusing on the impact of trafficking and its connections to illicit financial flows, regulations, law enforcement, investigations and the victim’s impact.

Embracing new technology trafficking has risen to the top of global impactive crime and is heavily connected to the world of money laundering, cybercrime, cryptocurrencies, proliferation financing and terrorist financing. The modules will provide clear guidance for the candidates to develop and progress their development in the global fight against trafficking.

This certification course includes:

  • Human Trafficking – The History and Offences Part 1
  • Human Trafficking – Offences Part 2
  • Regulatory Reporting Procedures
  • Suspicious Transaction Reporting
  • Management of an Investigation
  • International Offending
  • Money Laundering
  • Money Laundering and the International Controller Network
  • Cyber and Virtual Related Trafficking
  • Achieving Best Evidence
  • Victims Typology
  • Suspect Typology
  • Human Trafficking Trends and Types – Practical
  • Human Trafficking Case Study
  • Terror Financing / Training Camps

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of Human Trafficking, Migrant Smuggling and Organ Harvesting
  • Learn the regulatory obligations under Human Trafficking
  • Learn the various types of Human Trafficking (i.e., Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Servitude, Forced Labour and Organ Harvesting)
  • Learn the key elements of Human Trafficking to be included in the development of a risk-based Customer Risk Rating process and its application
  • Identify potential suspicious human trafficking activity/transactions and the mechanisms for monitoring, investigating and reporting suspicious activity/transaction
  • Understand cybercrimes and new technologies in Human Trafficking
  • Study case studies and scenarios to support development of risk base program to identify monitor investigate and report instances of Human Trafficking theory and practice.


To qualify for admission to this AML/CFT/FCP Certification Program sequence of courses, in addition to a high school diploma and/or have entry-level qualifications to a college/university a student must qualify via at least one of the following:

  • Be enrolled at a University Partner’s institution;
  • Be admitted at any University Partner’s institution;
  • Have obtained at least an Associate Degree from another accredited institution; or
  • Have accumulated five (5) years of experience working for a regulated entity under AML/CFT/CFP/FCP, a regulator, an enforcement agency or government, and possess at least a high school diploma.

Program Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Instructional Delivery Method: Group Live or Group Internet Based

CPE Credit: 40

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