Anti-Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism & Financial Crimes Prevention Professional Certificate

Next course starts March 14th, 2019

This professional certificate includes 15 modules over a period of 15 weeks covering all the key elements of anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism and financial crimes prevention. Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Financial Crime transactions/activity can damage a business assets and reputation; thus, it is of high importance to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Money Laundering related loss for governments is estimated in Billions of dollars world-wide. This illegal activity has the power to destabilize the economy of countries by mingling illicit funds into the legitimate financial systems of a country. Worldwide Terrorism, Corruption of Government Officials, Human Trafficking, Arms Smuggling and Tax Evasion have made Anti-Money Laundering a pressing international issue in recent years.

Businesses mandated by Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism regulations must implement and maintain a compliance program to comply with the laws and regulations. These programs must be composed of four pillars: (1) Policies and Procedures (2) Designate a Compliance Officer (3) On-going Training Program and (4) Independent Audit. By law, regulated businesses should accept only those customers whose Source of Wealth and Funds can be reasonably established as legitimate.

This certificate course provides an overview of Anti-Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism and Financial Crimes Prevention. Its curriculum delivers to the marketplace individuals with practical knowledge of the field, able to work for the private sector, regulators, enforcement agencies and governments.

This certification course Includes:

  • The AML/BSA/CFT/OFAC Regulatory Ecosystem
  • Overview of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Obligations under AML/BSA/CFT/OFAC
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Currency Transaction Report/Source of Funds Declaration & Politically Exposed Person
  • OFAC, Sanctions & Terrorist
  • Customer Risk Rating (CRR)
  • High Risk Customers (HRC) & Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)Suspicious Transaction, Transaction Monitoring & Investigations
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)/Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR)
  • Annual AML/BSA/CFT/OFAC Risk Assessment
  • AML/BSA/CFT/OFAC Independent Audit
  • Know Your Employee (KYE) & Ethics
  • Regulatory & Enforcement Agencies
  • Cybercrimes, New Technologies & the future of Compliance

University Partners

Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT)

Antigua and Barbuda.

Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean (ICUC)


Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (Lok Jack GSB)

Trinidad and Tobago

University of the Virgin Islands (UVI)

St Thomas, Virgin Islands.

University of the Southern Caribbean (USC)

Trinidad & Tobago.

St. Thomas University (STU)

Miami, Florida.