Mr. Stanley Foodman

Mr. Stanley Foodman

AMLFC Institute Board of Regents, CEO, Foodman CPAS & Advisors, Florida

Stanley Foodman is the CEO of Foodman CPAs & Advisors. He is a recognized forensic accountant specializing in Complex Tax, Forensic Accounting, Financial Institution Compliance, Virtual Currency Tax Compliance and Tax AML Compliance. Stanley is a recognized author and content contributor to JD Supra, Lexology, Accounting Today, Daily Business Review, banking journals, newspapers, magazines and on-line publications. His articles on banking tax issues, virtual currency, regulatory and tax compliance have been distributed worldwide. Stanley was recognized as a JD Supra Top Author during 2018. Foodman CPAs & Advisors has an established a banking practice catering to over 150 Financial Institutions around the world. The firm is at the forefront of banking regulatory compliance and is currently an industry expert on FATCA and CRS matters and widely known within the domestic and international banking community as the “go to firm” for FATCA/CRS. Its clients receive individualized training in the areas of FATCA, QI and CRS implementation; which includes developing a proprietary FATCA Manual for the Financial Institution, IRS W-Series Certification Training, Flow Charts, Audit Programs and Help Desk. During 2018, Foodman provided over 3,000 Help Desk hours to Financial Institution Compliance Teams regarding FATCA and CRS interpretation and implementation. All of Foodman’s training and presentations are available in English & Spanish. The firm has assisted several Non-U.S. Financial Institutions maintain and acquire Correspondent Banking Relationships by acting as an Intermediary with U.S. Financial Institutions that have specific geographic interest. Foodman also represents Non-U.S. Financial Institutions in front of the IRS.


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